Seniors Pilates Classes

As we get older it gets harder for our body to keep up with our demands, so we slow down.  When we slow down we tend to become inactive.  Inactivity diminishes our strength and endurance. With diminished strength and endurance, we have trouble to keep up with the physical demands and the vicious cycle starts again.  In order to put and end to this, we must continue to keep a healthy active lifestyle and make adaptations to our activities when needed, instead of giving up on them completely.

Senior Pilates classes are the perfect solution to help increase your muscle strength, endurance and flexibility without the risk of injury or complications.  With a specialist exercise professional guiding your pilates program, you are safe and secure knowing that the exercises and movements are perfectly tailored to your needs and take into account any previous conditions and injuries.   The Pilates exercises used are simple and use minimal equipment, which helps avoid unnecessary accidents.  Most importantly, the sessions take place in the comfort of your own home.

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