Prenatal Pilates classes on the french riviera

Pregnant? Just had a baby?  Or getting ready to start planning a pregnancy?

Pilates classes while pregnant

Whether you had a healthy active lifestyle before or not, staying fit and healthy during your pregnancy is at a high priority now. Research now tells us how important it is to keep fit and continue exercising during your pregnancy. Though pregnancy is a natural and beautiful event it is a true physiological, emotional and physical test and it is important to be as well prepared as possible. In order to ensure safe and effective physical activity it is essential to work with a prenatal coach or trainer that is well informed in the physical and physiological changes, concerns, adaptations and contraindications occurring during pregnancy.

Modified Pilates for pregnancy is a perfect method of increasing muscular strength and endurance, focusing directly on the muscles and joints most affected by pregnancy. The pilates exercises also help reinforce the postural muscles that are challeged by the physical changes of pregnancy and help to avoid needless accidents and injuries. The foundation of the Pilates movements are based around the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles throughout pregnancy help prevent incontinence problems during and after birth and provide a strong support against the increasing weight over your pelvis. All modified pilates exercises for pregnancy are carefully designed to follow the progression of your pregnancy and any complications that occur along the way.

It’s not about staying thin during pregnancy, it’s about staying healthy for you and your baby.

Post-Natal Pilates

Congratulations! Your baby has finally arrived and now you are ready to start moving again and recover your fitness levels. The pregnancy and labour have strained your body, and now with the little one around you need your body to keep up with the physical demands. A healthy active lifestyle after birth is essential to that recovery process and has many positive impacts on your emotional, psychological and physical state. The exercises are created specifically to help strengthen your pelvic muscles and regain back their tone.

Pilates and Preconception

Would you run a marathon without any training?  Than why would you not prepare your body for what’s to come?

With all the excitement of planning for a baby we often forget that pregnancy itself is a huge physical and physiological change in your body. Wouldn’t it be preferrable to make sure that the foundations of your physical health are at their best potential to accept these new changes? A healthy pregnancy actually begins before conception. The modified pilates exercises specifically target pelvic stabilization as well as strengthen and stabilize the trunk, lower back and buttocks which are key muscles groups challenged by pregnancy changes. Strengthening your muscles now can help avoid a lot of discomfort and pain during your pregnancy.

The level of your physical fitness before pregnancy will determine your levels of physical condition during your pregnancy. Which is important if you want to avoid fatigue, discomfort and possible complications during your pregnancy. Most importantly it will help you to actually enjoy this precious and magic period.

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