Maria is a Modified Pilates mat work instructor by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). She has an extensive backround in Exercise Science.  Her academic credentials were established at Concordia University in Montreal Canada, where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology.


During her experiences in Montreal, Maria encountered many different types of clients with different physical and physiological conditions, ranging in age from children to the elderly.  Through those enriching experiences she integrated her theoretical knowledge with the art of adaptability and the importance of recognizing individual client needs.

Maria worked in a prestigious private hospital in London, UK where she taught exercise programs to patients in the neurological rehabilitation department.  This is where she first discovered the APPI Modified Pilates Method and has been using it with her patients and clients ever since.

Maria also has an extensive athletic background in competitive ballroom and latin dancing.  As a professional dancer and teacher, Maria has come to grasp the aspects of body control and the importance of proper instruction.

Teaching in the French Riviera

After moving to the french riviera, Maria was disappointed to find that there was a great lack in modern therapy and preventative health programs established within the region and has aspired to do something about it.  She created Pilates Santé so that all people, no matter their state of health, can have access to proper and efficient exercise to help improve their well-being.

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