Modified Pilates for pain and injuries

Pain can hinder your everyday activities and functions, even make your world come to a halt.  Chronic pain can diminish your quality of life and can become a real handicap stopping you from doing the things you love.  Modified Pilates exercises can help you stabilize your problem areas by strengthening your deeper supportive muscles.  Modified Pilates for pain works to help you regain range of movement and function so that you can go back to normal activities.

Pilates Santé modified pilates programs help you stabilize a problem joint by strengthening neighbouring muscles while increasing range of motion, so that you can go back to regular active movements. The joints best affected by Pilates treatment are the shoulder, knee, hips, and spinal column. The modified Pilates method use by Pilates Santé can also help treat Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and chronic non-specific low back pain.

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