Pilates Santé uses a modern approach to the traditional method of Pilates exercise.  The Pilates exercises used are modified to adapt to all people in all conditions.   Created by the physiotherapists of the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute, the Modified Pilates Program incorporates the latest research into its treatment plans in order to provide the safest and most effective curriculum.

Traditional Pilates

Originally created by Joseph Pilates and developed in the United States, the traditional Pilates Program has focused on improving people’s health through increasing central core stability for over 80 years now.  The movements used within the Pilates programs stimulate strength, mobility and stretching of muscles and their joints.

Modified Pilates

Modified Pilates adapts and breaks down the movements found in traditional Pilates, focusing more toward the reinforcement of weaknesses and balancing the framework of the body .  This type of adapted Pilates is more secure for clients, whether generally healthy or impaired by a certain condition.  While following the same general principles of traditional Pilates, the Modified Pilates exercises have been adapted to avoid pilates movements that are too stressful for the body’s mechanics and are meant to be taught by physiotherapists and exercise professionals.

The Benefits

Modified Pilates helps to re-educate your body to use its full physical potential by concentrating on improving individual muscle control and stabilizing your body’s central core to be able to respond better to all movements and actions of daily living.  The benefits you will see from the Modified Pilates program are improved:

muscular endurance

The Method

The modified pilates program used by Pilates Santé is based on a series of mat work exercises that can be done in your very own home.  Each progam is specifically tailored to the individual client, taking into consideration all their physical and physiological needs.  Exercises are progressed gradually, according to the individual’s ability to maintain control and muscular endurance of the foundational pilates movements.   For this reason, one to one sessions are highly recommened.

Certain conditions may be aggravated by exercise, therefore there is a great need for a specialized exercise professional to create, manage and supervise your pilates exercise program as well as evaluate, progress and adapt your routine periodically.

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