Modified Pilates classes on the Côte d’Azur

Modified Pilates classes provide a safe means to exercise the pilates method without the worry of injury. The movements are based on the same foundational principles found in traditional pilates but are simplified and focus on today’s scientific expertise. By developing the muscles of the central core first, we are able to protect susceptible joints before engaging the rest of the body. The exercises continue to challenge the whole body without the need to pursue movements past our healthy range of motion.

With Pilates Santé, discover control of your body and your movements through the reinforcement of your deep inner muscle core.  This pilates method creates long lean muscles, improves posture and coordination, as well as increases tone, flexibility and endurance. It also provides a great method of cross-training by balancing muscle groups. The exercises are well adapted for anyone, from women to men, the young to the elderly, the healthy or the more vulnerable.

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